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Seashell and marine souvenirs
Wholesale and retail
Wholesale and retail shell
Wholesale and retail starfish
Wholesale and retail marine souvenirs
Urchin Alfonso 3 ID:122 FAB.ID: 70322
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Urchin Alfonso 3    
Urchin Alfonso 3
The unusually patterned Alfonso sea urchin can be found in various shades of olive green and purple.
Sea urchins are spiny sea creatures found in oceans all over the world. The spines, which in some species are long and sharp, serve to protect the urchin from predators. When cleaned the shell has a natural geometrical beauty.
Commonly found in the Philippines.
Size: approx 6-7 cm
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Wholesale warehouse for sea souvenirs, shells, clams, pearl and starfish. Wholesale and retail scallops, mussels, starfish and sea souvenirs. Nautilus 5 is a specialized importer of sea shells and souvenirs in Bulgaria. We offer our customers ready souvenirs of mussels and a variety of shells, starfish and pearl suitable for trade, decoration and production of products of marine subjects.
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